Coinbase Launches National Campaign To Promote Crypto In US: Get Ready To Move Forward!

• Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has launched a national advertising campaign to promote the importance of cryptocurrency for the US.
• The ad campaign, called Crypto: Moving America Forward, highlights how other countries such as China are already making significant progress with crypto technology.
• A recent report from Electric Capital shows that without proper regulation in place, the US could miss out on major economic opportunities related to blockchain and digital assets.

Coinbase Launches National Advertising Campaign To Promote Cryptocurrency In The U.S.

Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, rolls out a new marketing initiative to put emphasis on crypto technology’s potential for transforming the global financial system. The ad campaign is called Crypto: Moving America Forward and it will be aired on popular Sunday shows with new chapters each weekend featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. This initiative also highlights what is at stake if the US fails to advance its role in cryptocurrency given that other nations like China are making progress with its use.

China’s Advancement With Cryptocurrency Technology

The Chinese government has been embracing and advancing cryptocurrency technology in order to project power and gain an edge over other countries. It is important for the U.S to take action now so that they do not lose market share when it comes to blockchain software development which could potentially damage their preeminence in financial markets and technologies overall.

Electric Capital Report On U.S Regulatory Stance On Digital Assets

In March 2021, venture capital firm Electric Capital released a report which outlined that if proper regulations aren’t put into place then the United States may miss out on significant technological and economic opportunities due to their stance on digital assets. The report emphasizes how “crypto and blockchain technologies are the next wave of internet” with potential to revolutionize money, finance system and internet more broadly but this won’t happen unless something is done about it soon by both public and private sectors alike.

Significance Of Crypto For The United States

This advertising campaign from Coinbase further drives home why digital assets such as cryptocurrencies are important for all of us in order for us not only make sure that we don’t fall behind but also lead innovation within this space so that we can take advantage of all opportunities available globally including our own economy growth here at home in US .


It’s clear from all these reports and initiatives from industry leaders such as Coinbase that there’s no time left for delay when it comes to creating policies around cryptocurrency technology because otherwise US might end up missing out on all potential advantages this exciting new sector offers both economically-wise but also technologically speaking too!